How to get your own Temporary Email for free

How to get your own Temporary Email for free
Published in : 18 Apr 2024

How to get your own Temporary Email for free


How to get your own Temporary Email / Temp mail

Below you will find a guide on how to get your own temporary email for one time use, in order to keep your main email clean and without spam, make one time use accounts on various websites, and more

Temp Email not receiving emails? Why can’t I make an account with my temporary email?

Various sites, facebook, youtube, instagram, and more use security blocks that may block the whole domain, with no domain should be blocked, but it is then no emails will go through. We here at work our best on our temporary email domains to make sure they are never blocked. Many services blacklist domains because they do not want people making alt accounts. For this reason they ban domains, because of this our emails may not always accept incoming mail.

The only way to avoid this is a private domain, which we are always changing so that you can use our temporary email to sign up on any site, streaming service, or gaming service.

Advantages of a temporary email

Free inbox that you can use to register a new account on sites you may not want spamming your email with advertising
Create alternate accounts from your main registration to use as you wish
Takes little time and saves your temp mail
Can be used as a personal email as well

Best way to save your tempmail to access at any time

Bookmark this website on chrome or save it, don't clear your cookies.
If is bookmarked, you can access it at any time by the price of a button. You can check your temporary email inbox whenever you may like, and use it to register new accounts quickly.
You can bookmark by pressing the star in the url bar (top right) of your web browser.