Why you need a temporary email

Why you need a temporary email
Published in : 18 Apr 2024

Why you need a temporary email

Why do we need a temporary email, or temp mail?

Temp mail is extremely more important than one might think, as most sites collect your data and emails to sell to other companies. With a temporary email, one can remain anonymous online and not have their main inbox filled with spam emails and advertising campaigns.

A regular email, like google, yahoo, or outlook will never delete or remove your old or sent emails, even if you delete them from your inbox. With a temporary email, your emails will all be deleted after a certain period of time passes.

A regular email can never be fully deleted. All the old data will still be stored, with a temporary email the entire email account and all of the inbox will be removed within a certain period of time.

Using a temporary email address or temp mail is easy and fast
All you do is go to the website, tempmail.ink, and copy your email address. Then paste it wherever you need, and any emails are shown up right on the homepage.

Benefits of a temporary email or temp mail
You know those shopping sites that require an email to send you a discount code, they do that so they can spam your inbox with advertising, with a temporary email address you can receive that discount code, promotion code, or promo code and get that discount with having your email sold to advertisers who will spam your inbox

You can register an unlimited amount of emails from one ip. Normal emails (google, yahoo, outlook) will limit how many emails you can create to avoid botting. With a temporary email, you can make as many emails as you please. This way you can create an infinite amount of accounts on whatever service you want.

You can create a temporary email address in just a couple seconds, it is extremely quick and easy to do. Temporary emails don’t require a password either, and your account is saved on your browser profile using cookies.